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LJ is my place to bitch

TWoP sucks big green weenies.  I got a warning AND was banned for a day AND my post was deleted because I said at the beginning I hadn't read all the previous pages.  The "rule" is you have to read 15 pages before posting.

And yet the bull shit that goes on in the Supernatural forums is just crazy.  *shakes head*

So, if I HADN'T admitted I hadn't read everything, everything would have been just fine.  All righty then.  Lesson learned.

TWoP, you may now officially fuck off and die.

Color Me PISSED!!!!!

Television Without Pity is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special Tubey Award poll.  You know, Best/Worst Show/Actor/Relationship/Plot Device/Blah Blah Blah over the past 10 years.  So, number 3 is Favorite Actor from 2003-12.  The nominees include Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins for Supernatural.  But NO Jared Padalecki.

I know the forum is a haven for crazed Jensen Ackles fans, rabid Dean/Castiel shippers.  But this is fucking outrageous!  I'm looking for someplace to lodge my protest on TWoP but haven't found any place so far.

Please rate these episodes

Hey flist, these Supernatural episodes could use a few more votes.  So if you haven't voted already, please do so.  And lease share.

I'll be posting the eps to supernatural_tv later this week, but even with that, I don't get the 30 votes needed for "statistical accuracy."

- Dark Side of the Moon
- The Third Man
- Clip Show

Rate this week's Supernatural episodes

This week's Supernatural episodes are available for you to rate.

- Sympathy for the Devil
- Abandon All Hope...
- The Great Escapist

You can also rate last week's episodes if you haven't done so already.

Wishful Thinking
- Sex and Violence
Pac-Man Fever


This week's Supernatural episode voting

Here are the episodes to rate for this week:

Wishful Thinking
- Sex and Violence
Pac-Man Fever

You can also rate last week''s episodes listed here.  Or simply click on "Rate It!" in the Categories (under Supernatural) for all of them.

This week's Supernatural episode voting

Three Supernatural episodes are waiting for you to rate them.  Please stop by and rate (from 1 to 5 beer mugs):
I plan to use the ratings to determine next year's Supernatural March Madness contestants, so I'd like to get at least 30 votes.  (I'll also be posting onsupernatural_tv since I don't think I have even 30 friends.)

Supernatural Revisited

How many beers does "Malleus Malificarum" deserve?  You decide!

(I'm stressed because I had my sort-of annual stress test today.  Got my heart rate to 110% of my "maximum."  Oi.)

Madness continues!

Are you feeling let down now that Supernatural March Madness is over for the year?  Not to fear!  I've found a better way to 1) determine which episodes are considered the best, and 2) pair them up so that the very best episodes (hopefully) make it to the final rounds.  Oh, and 3) a way to continue the enjoyment of voting for your favorite episodes.  :)

I finally figured out how to let others rate episodes!  This will be much more interesting than just me rating an episode.

We'll rate new episodes as they air.  As for the older episodes, I'll use the TNT schedule to cover 2 episodes per week (15 episodes per week being just a tad too much for me to handle).  Each week you'll be able to vote for the episodes that air at 9 a.m. (ET) on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Don't worry if you can't watch them.  You'll likely be able to recall them from memory, especially your favorites.

In preparation for the rating bonanza, I'm trying to decide what icon to use for the voting.  There are 6 possibilities in all (posted here), and 4 for Supernatural specifically.  Sadly, I'm not savvy enough to create a Devil's Trap or the Colt or the Impala.  However, I came up with:

beer -  iconbeer    Bobby's hat - iconhat    burger -  iconburger    laptop - iconlaptop

I'm leaning towards Bobby's hat, followed by beer.  (You can vote in both polls if you want.)

Poll #1908323 Rate Supernatural

Which icon should we use to rate Supernatural?

Bobby's hat

Supernatural March Madness End Game

Yep, it's over.  Thanks for voting everyone.  Who is this year's winner?  I thought you'd never ask.

(Since I don't have a screencap from the winning episode featuring both brothers, this one will have to do.)

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